– It’s not natural.

– None of your ancestors ever needed it.

– It’s new, so there haven’t been any studies on the long-term risks.

– The rich will have more of it than the poor, which contributes to inequality.

– Whites will have more of it than blacks, which contributes to racism.

– The inventors might get rich, even though the world has many hard-working, poor people. That’s not fair.

– Someone who doesn’t want it might be pressured into using it, and that would impinge on personal freedom.

– If it doesn’t save labor, it’s frivolous; if it does save labor, it will put people out of work.

– What if criminals, dictators, or other bad actors used it for evil purposes?

– People are used to the old way of doing things, and why should they have to change?

– It needs to be tested more thoroughly.

– Not having to do things the hard way will make everyone lazy.

– It’s not perfect, and it won’t solve all of our problems.

– Nobody would really want it anyway.

– The whole idea is just ridiculous.