(Song by Raymond Arnold. To the tune of ‘Winter Wonderland’.)

Dusty tome, lies forgotten
Cover worn, pages rotten
A curious book
I’ll just take a look
Checking out the Necronomicon

Creepy words, pages turnin’
As your brain, is a churnin’
Insidious memes
Infecting your dreams
Haunted by the Necronomicon

In the graveyard I can make a promise.
That is not dead which eternal lies,
Soon I’ll reunite with brother Thomas!
(For with) strange aeons even death may die…

More I’ve read, the more I’m listenin’
In my head, voices whisperin’…
‘Tonight is the night’,
‘The stars are all right’,
Time to use the Necronomicon

In the graveyard we could raise an army,
Send it out to ravage all the land…
Sure, the thought may seem a bit alarming,
(But if you) read the book, I swear you’ll understand!

Later on, we’ll conspire
As we dream by the fire
To face unafraid
The plans that we made
Studying the Necronomicon