Step 1: Get a list of NSA employees, including contractors like Booz Allen. This information isn’t classified, and should be easy for anyone with Google-scale resources.

Step 2: Pick out people in mission-critical roles, like sysadmins, programmers, cybersecurity, etc. Also pick anyone very capable or high-ranking.

Step 3: Look up their addresses online.

Step 4: Mail them all job offers. No interviews, no brain teasers, just a ready-to-sign employment contract.

Step 5: When they join, have them secure Google’s systems against NSA (and other) attacks. After all, they’re the experts.

Step 6: Sit back. Watch the fireworks.

This is completely legal, and the NSA can’t really do much about it.

Spy on Google? They already do that.

Hire new people? Few good programmers will take the NSA’s starting salary of $42,000.

More contractors? Snowden illustrated the problems with this. In fact, the NSA will have to greatly tighten security clearance requirements.

Get more money? Google already spends more every quarter than the NSA’s entire annual budget. Today’s Congress isn’t going to pass big new appropriations bills.